Prince George's County Educators' Association

Member Benefits Enrollment

Enrollment Begins May 20


Enroll in Your Benefits Virtually

Due to your employer's recent location closure, your benefits review appointment is moving online! During your online meeting you will be able to view the enrollment while your account manager walks through the screens. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, review brochures, select benefits, and sign all required materials to complete your enrollment. It’s that easy!

How to Enroll via GoToMeeting 

Step 1

Email your account manager to schedule an appointment. Your account manager will then send you a unique URL for your meeting.

Step 2

Access your unique URL using a computer. TIP: Arrive 5 minutes early to your scheduled time to ensure your technology is set up correctly.

Step 3

Follow on-screen instructions to run the GoToMeeting opener. Your device may require a plugin to be installed.

Step 4

Set Up your audio. If you are unable to use your device's microphone, select "Switch to Phone Call" on the top right of your screen. A unique dial-in phone number and access code will be provided.

Are you ready to enroll?

Before enrollment begins, review your current insurance coverage and benefits options available to you and your family. Some questions that could help you understand your needs include:

  • Are you planning on getting married, having kids, or buying a home?
  • Have you recently received a pay increase?
  • What would happen if you were suddenly ill or disabled?
  • Are you preparing for life after retirement?

Each of these questions can change your benefits needs, and your account manager will help you make the best decision for your family. 

For any additional questions, please contact your dedicated account manager: 

Jordan Edmonds