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Butte Schools Self Insured Program

Benefits Enrollment

May 3 - July 15 


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Butte Schools Self Insured Program

Benefits Enrollment

May 3 - July 15 


Schedule Your Virtual Appointment

Para Español

Benefits Designed for You

It's time to enroll in your 2021 benefits! Your annual enrollment allows you to explore your supplemental benefits options. These benefits are designed to help financially protect you and your family.

Your employer requires you to schedule an appointment to enroll in your benefits. Whether you're planning on maintaining your current coverage choices, considering making changes, or waiving coverage, it is essential you schedule an appointment to ensure accuracy of all your information for the 2021 plan year. 

Schedule an In-Person Appointment

Beneficiary Review: For When Life Changes

Do you know who your beneficiaries are? Life brings about many changes that can affect your coverage, and your enrollment is the perfect time to update your personal information to reflect those changes. Let your American Fidelity account manager know about these changes.

  • Change in marital status
  • Birth of a child or children
  • Adopting or placing a child for adoption
  • Address updates
  • Change in employment status

We'll be performing a beneficiary review during your enrollment appointment. Schedule your appointment today 

Ways to Enroll


Meet with your account manager in person to help understand your available benefits and ensure you select the benefits that best meet your needs.


Meet with your account manager from anywhere, on any device. You can complete your enrollment virtually, ask questions, and confirm your benefit selections.

Safety Protocols for In-Person Appointments



Your upcoming enrollment may look a little different than before. With enhanced CDC protocols, we are working to ensure a healthy in-person enrollment environment for you.

During your enrollment, your account manager will wear a mask, maintain social distancing by sitting behind a plastic tabletop shield, share handouts digitally, have hand sanitizer available, and disinfect the area after each session. All these efforts will allow you to have the individualized support you deserve, while helping you feel safe throughout your benefits review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Because we're using the system, AFenroll® and data accuracy is vital, your employer requires all benefits eligible employees to meet with an American Fidelity representative this year to complete their major medical and/or supplemental benefits enrollment during an individual appointment.

American Fidelity will confirm your benefits for the upcoming plan year. They will also review pre-tax options, including Health Savings Accounts/Flexible Spending Accounts. You must sign a new pre-tax election form with American Fidelity to continue receiving pre-tax benefits.

You'll need dates of birth and social security numbers for dependents who are being covered on your benefits. If you're adding a spouse or dependent child, additional documents may be required.

Yes, you’ll be able to learn more about benefit options that could be important to you and your family such as disability insurance, life insurance, and accident insurance protection.

Connecting to the meeting is as easy as 123

Your account manager will help you navigate your enrollment through a frictionless, secure experience. It's that simple!

Step 1

Your account manager will contact you by phone.

Step 2

Visit through your preferred web browser.

Step 3

Provide your account manager with your unique PIN to begin screen sharing.*

Schedule an Appointment

Woman looking at tablet with AFenroll screen

Before enrollment begins, review your current insurance coverage and benefits options available to you and your family. Think about: 

  • If you want to sign up or renew a Flexible Spending Account or Dependent Care Account and how much you'd like to contribute. 
  • If you experienced a life change such as a birth of a child, marriage, etc.
  • Any questions you may have to help you understand how your benefits work.


Schedule Your Virtual Appointment

Download AFmobile®

Manage your insurance benefits and reimbursement accounts on our mobile app, AFmobile!

  • View reimbursement account balances
  • Submit reimbursements and claims
  • Update communication preferences

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If you purchase an American Fidelity cancer, accident, or critical illness policy, you have the opportunity to file a claim for an annual wellness benefit.This benefit may be eligible for quick claims processing! When you submit your annual wellness, diagnostic testing, or health screening claim online or through AFmobile, you can receive your benefit in as little as one day if you're enrolled in direct deposit.

Learn More About AFQuickClaims 

For any additional questions, please contact your local branch office or dedicated account manager. 

Northern CA Branch Office