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American Fidelity Unveils "Different" Brand

February 12, 2016

American Fidelity, a supplemental health insurance benefits and financial services provider that serves more than a million Customers, has unveiled a new brand that makes it stand apart from the competition and enables it to better serve its Customers.

The new brand theme, “a different opinion,” positions American Fidelity as being different from competitors and the one you must always consider when purchasing supplemental benefits.

The Company’s new logo symbolizes this different opinion by raising up a different red part in contrast to the others which are all the same. The red also happens to be the same color as the Company name, implying that American Fidelity is the different opinion.

“The benefits market is especially competitive, but Customers are tired of generalists offering the same old kinds of policies and services regardless of their industry,” said American Fidelity CEO Bill Cameron. “Our focus and experience as specialists in our Customers’ industries truly offer them a different opinion.”

The brand was developed after extensive nationwide market research and formulated by the brand company Stealing Share.

For more than 50 years, American Fidelity has specialized in supplemental benefits for customers in the education, municipality, auto dealership and healthcare markets.

Media Contacts

Melody Wortmann, AVP of Communications, Creative Services and Culture
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Lindsey Sparks, Corporate Communications Team Leader
P: 405-523-5901

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