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American Fidelity Grows Stop Loss Team

January 20, 2017 

American Fidelity Assurance Company, headquartered in Oklahoma City and serving 1 million Customers in 49 states, is pleased to announce that Bob Lang and Steve Solomon have joined our team to develop a direct-to-market stop loss insurance program. Stop loss insurance helps protect self-insured employers and insurance companies in the case of large claims. Working together as a stop loss team, both as managed general underwriter (MGU) principals and later as insurance company executives, Lang and Solomon developed a client-focused business model based on long-term underwriting fundamentals. 

“We welcome the opportunity to work with two industry leaders that bring to us a track record of success, innovation and integrity. As the industry continues to experience carrier and MGU consolidation, and with the continued evolution of employer health plan concepts, the addition of Bob and Steve will position American Fidelity to leverage our unique qualities and financial strength in meeting the needs of our clients,” said Marc Marion, chief operating officer of the Strategic Alliances division of American Fidelity.

“Our commitment to the needs of our existing Customers is unchanged, and we will continue to work with our exceptional group of respected traditional distribution partners to provide products and solutions to manage employer and health plan medical risk,” said Marion.

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