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American Fidelity offers a wide variety of insurance products and reimbursement accounts to help you manage out-of-pocket medical costs and help financially protect your family. 

The following benefits and services may be offered during your annual benefits enrollment:

Insurance Products

Accident Insurance

Accidents strike when you least expect them, which means you may not be financially prepared. AF™ Limited Benefit Accident Only Insurance may help.

This plan pays benefits directly to you, helping you cover any out-of-pocket medical expenses for accidental injuries such as:

  • Burns
  • Spider bites
  • Recreational sports-related injuries

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Cancer Insurance

Every 19 seconds, someone in the United States is diagnosed with cancer.1 A diagnosis can feel overwhelming, especially when costs start adding up. 

AF™ Limited Benefit Cancer Insurance is designed to help financially so you can focus on recovery.

Benefits may include:

  • Travel and lodging
  • Experimental treatment
  • Chemotherapy

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Critical Illness Insurance

Recovery from a heart attack or stroke is difficult enough. AF™ Limited Benefit Critical Illness Insurance may help with medical expenses that come with surviving a critical illness by paying a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis of these covered health conditions:

  • Heart attack
  • Stroke
  • Paralysis
  • Major organ failure
  • End stage renal failure

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Disability Income Insurance

If you were hurt and had to miss work, how long could you go without your paycheck?

AF™ Disability Income Insurance pays a percentage of your salary while you're unable to work due to a covered disability and may help with expenses like:

  • Mortgage
  • Car payments
  • Out-of-pocket medical bills

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Hospital GAP PLAN® Insurance

On average, one out of every seven Americans sought medical attention for an injury in 2017.2 Are you prepared to pay for an unexpected ER visit or hospital stay?

AF™ Limited Benefit Hospital GAP PLAN® Insurance may help you cover some out-of-pocket expenses resulting from a sudden accident, illness, or hospitalization, such as:

  • Deductibles
  • Co-insurance
  • Inpatient confinement or treatment expenses

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Life Insurance

In the event of a tragedy, would your family be financially protected? AF™ Life Insurance may help your family with financial pressures after you’re gone. Features include:

  • You own the policy, so you can take it with you to a different job or into retirement
  • You can receive a portion of the benefit if you're diagnosed with a terminal condition, as defined in the policy
  • Your coverage begins immediately at time of application

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Hospital Indemnity Insurance

If you experienced a medical emergency, would you be prepared to cover the out-of-pocket medical expenses? And, what about everything else that adds up—like bills, groceries, and housing?

AF™ Limited Benefit Hospital Indemnity Insurance, or AF Hospital Assist™, can help. You can receive benefits for:

  • Hospital admission and confinement
  • ICU treatment
  • Accident surgery and treatment

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Reimbursement Accounts

Flexible Spending Accounts

Most insurance coverage helps you prepare for the unexpected, but Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) can help with eligible expenses you know are coming, like prescriptions, contact lenses, or day care programs. Plus, FSAs may help reduce your taxable income, meaning you take home more of your earnings.

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Health Savings Accounts

Have a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP)? A Health Savings Account (HSA) can help you manage eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses. Your contributions roll over from year to year, so you can continue to build your savings.

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Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Imagine a walk in the poorly-maintained park turning into a sprained ankle with new medical expenses, like a doctor's office copay and pain medications.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little help? One tool to help you manage healthcare costs is a Health Reimbursement Arrangement, or HRA. It’s a reimbursement account that's completely funded by your employer and can help offset certain out-of-pocket healthcare expenses.

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