Dependent Verification Reviews

Let American Fidelity help you lower claim costs and save money by conducting dependent verification reviews. We have conducted more than 500 dependent verification reviews for employers just like you, and we are experienced in providing a thorough, comfortable, and secure experience for you and your employees.

Determine Qualified Dependents

A dependent verification review can help determine if all the dependents covered on your medical, dental, and/or vision plan(s) are qualified dependents under your plan language. During a dependent verification review, documentation regarding the dependents covered on the plan will be reviewed to determine if they meet the eligibility rules.

Cost Savings

Significant increases to healthcare costs have caused many employers to consider conducting dependent eligibility reviews to help save money on their major medical plans. A dependent eligibility review can also have a positive effect on future medical premium increases and reduce premium costs for those affected individuals.

Reduce Risk Experience

By conducting a dependent verification review, you may reduce risk experience by removing ineligible dependents.

Sample Reports and Communication

Prior to a dependent verification review, it is important to send employees communication to educate them on what is required during the review. American Fidelity provides sample letters, emails, and other handouts explaining eligibility guidelines, common questions and answers, and time frames. We also provide you with detailed reports throughout the review.