A Great Place to Work for All 

Being a salesperson is a challenging career, but it’s a lot easier when you enjoy coming to work and believe in what you’re selling. That’s why at American Fidelity we offer products designed to help people.

We train our sales colleagues to serve as consultants who help people decide which products are best for them – and which aren’t. Being honest and transparent is a huge part of our culture – and that extends to our relationships with customers and policyholders.

Being a Great Place to Work for All is another driver of our culture, and we are committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. We work to make sure everyone's voice is valued and respected. 

Ariel, Enrollment Coordinator

"It's a place where you can be innovative, grow and feel valued within your profession." 

Bryce, Sales Manager

"I love working for American Fidelity because of the focus on Colleague satisfaction. Starting with the Company at age 24, I quickly realized I would likely spend my career at American Fidelity."


Briana, Senior Account Executive

"American Fidelity has given me more than a job. It has given me a career that gives me the freedom to raise my family, earn a living and feel like I am helping people through some of their worst times." 

Michael, Sales Manager

"This is a career where you will feel like a rock star professionally and personally. You will have the opportunity to grow with a unique organization." 

Angela, Sales Manager

"I love the satisfaction I get when I can provide education and service on financial products that American Fidelity provides to educators to make a difference in their families' lives." 

Tom, Senior Account Executive 

"Helping educators prepare for their future with strong benefits from a Company that truly knows how to serve their market is why I choose to work for American Fidelity." 

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