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Proper Usage Guidelines

American Fidelity's brand is one of our most valuable assets. Our brand distinguishes our products and services from those of our competitors. Our brand assets include our name, logo, published materials, and other visual representations of our brand.

Due to the nature of our business, all brand materials must comply with insurance advertising regulations. If you would like to use our brand materials, you must obtain permission. To request written permission, please contact us. As a reminder, any usage of our brand materials must also comply with our style guide and our Copyrights and Trademarks, as well as any license agreement between you and American Fidelity.

Corporate Advertising Material Approval

Insurance advertising is regulated by each state department of insurance (DOI). Regulations vary from state to state, but all states require advertising to be reviewed and approved by the American Fidelity Assurance Company Compliance Department.


All Corporate advertising, marketing, sales promotion, and publicly viewed materials will present a consistent and clear image of American Fidelity Assurance Company while meeting the regulatory and compliance guidelines as determined by law. Additionally, anytime the American Fidelity logo and/or signature is used, it will meet with the corporate standards in effect at that time. 


Each strategic business unit or area otherwise responsible for the compliance of products and services will establish and maintain consistent and appropriate procedures for the development, compliance approval and ongoing compliance assurance of the above-mentioned materials to ensure procedures are in compliance with Corporate Policy.

This policy applies to all new, revised and reordered materials. It does not apply to internally used materials or publications intended solely for the use of American Fidelity Colleagues. Any item that could be construed as advertising including, but not limited to rate manuals/sheets and training materials should have printed on it “For agent/account manager use only.”

Each Compliance area is ultimately responsible for the final approval of all advertising materials requested. Depending on the nature of the material, additional approvals will be required according to the procedure in place at that time.

Definition of Advertising

Advertising shall include:

1. Printed and published material, audiovisual material and descriptive literature of an insurer used in direct mail, newspapers, magazines, radio scripts, TV scripts, billboards, and similar displays; and

2. Descriptive literature and sales aids of all kinds issued by an insurer, agent producer, broker or solicitor for presentation to members of the insurance-buying public, including but not limited to circulars, leaflets, booklets, depictions, illustrations, form letters and lead-generating devices of all kinds; and

3. Prepared sales talks, presentations and materials for use by agents, brokers, producers, and solicitors whether prepared by the insurer, agent, broker, producer or solicitor;

4. Advertising materials included with a policy when a policy is delivered and material used in the solicitation of renewals and reinstatement; and

5. Intranet and internet web sites.  

In addition to this policy, each department involved in the approval process will maintain their specific departmental procedures to ensure that this policy is followed. The departments involved are, but not limited to, Sales, Risk Management, Compliance, Section 125, Marketing, Law and any printing service bureau.

The Law department must approve all new advertising (not including personalized data to identify a group) prior to distribution. Each department must keep a record or log of all advertising distribution by the number of brochures and states where each item was distributed.

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