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American Fidelity Partner Materials

Thank you for being an esteemed partner with American Fidelity! Whether you represent an association or brokerage firm, there are specific rules for using our marketing materials.  

DO: Say, "We are partnering with American Fidelity." 

DO NOT: Say, "We are endorsed by American Fidelity." 


DO: Work with us for approved product language. 

DO NOT: Promote or rebrand our products and services without written consent. 

  • For example: Do not copy language from our marketing materials or website(s) and promote them as your own. 

Option 1:American Fidelity is more than an insurance company. We also offer benefits strategies to help empower you to make benefits decisions that help both your organization and your employees. Our goal is to act as an extension of your human resources department. We educate, enroll, and support the development of competitive employee benefits packages—all while ensuring seamless administration and employee satisfaction. Learn More About American Fidelity 

Option 2: American Fidelity Assurance Company was founded in 1960. We are a private, family-owned, American company with over 1,700 employees nationally. Our insurance products are approved to be sold in 49 states. Learn More About American Fidelity 

Option 3: When you partner with American Fidelity, you can be assured we have the financial strength to be there when you need us most. Since 1982, we have been rated“A+” (Superior)1by A.M. Best Company, one of the nation’s leading insurance company rating services. We have partnered with over 225 associations across our various niche markets and we focus our energy on serving select markets so we can provide specialized benefits recommendations. Learn More About American Fidelity 

Since 1960, American Fidelity has focused on providing a different opinion for school districts and currently serves over 4,300 districts across the country. Learn More About American Fidelity 

American Fidelity has helped nearly 6,000 public sector employers streamline their benefits administration through one provider. We can reduce your administrative burden by administering employee benefits and cost-saving solutions from a single source. With 55 years' experience serving public sector employers, we’re able to easily apply our industry knowledge to your organization. Learn More About American Fidelity 

When sharing links, please follow the following format: 

DO: Lowercase the URL

  • Example:

DO NOT: Titlecase the URL 

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DO: Share the "clean version of the URL 

  • Example: 

DO NOT: Add "www" before the URL 

  • Example:

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