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Explore Our Brand 

Explore Our Brand 

Brand Guidelines

This page provides standards and guidelines for the consistent use of the American Fidelity Assurance Company's visual identity in all of our branded materials, including print and web. If you have any questions about using our materials, please contact us

Company Name

Legal name: American Fidelity Assurance Company

Short version: American Fidelity

Brand Promise 

We focus all our energies on providing a different opinion for our unique clients. 

Brand Personality 

Responsible. Focused on making things easier. We are flexible and clear. 

Brand Positioning 

We ARE a different opinion. 

Style Guide 

<<Big Link with Image to Public-Facing Style Guide PDF>>

The Logo Lock-Up is the formal arrangement of the three critical parts of the brand symbol: Logo, Logotype and Brand Theme line. Because the full meaning of the brand to the viewer is only possible with the association of all three parts as a group, the Logo Lock-Up must not be modified or used without all three parts. The exception is for extreme circumstances where the size and/ or shape of a format does not allow for the Logo Lock-Up as designed. In these cases, only the Brand Governance team may give permission for the exception. The goal is still to have all three parts in close visual association so that the full meaning of the brand is conveyed.

Only Use the Supplied Master Logo Art 

The shapes, colors, and placement of the Logo Lock-up elements have been created for maximum readability and uniqueness of the brand. Use only the Master Logo Art available through American Fidelity's Corporate Communications and Marketing Departments when reproducing Logo Lock-Up. This art is prepared as .eps vector art in a variety of formats, according to medium. 

Do not recreate the Logo Lock-Up from scratch. 

The purpose of the Logo Lock-Up Safe Area is to create maximum impact for the brand. This is done by creating an area in which busy artwork or other interfering visuals may not appear. This "area of rest" promotes greater readability and prominence. 

This area is described as X = the height of the vertical logo elements. 

Busy artwork or other interfering visuals may not appear inside the area. 

Prominent and Separate 

When co-branding with other companies, the goal is to not mitigate the American Fidelity Brand with conflicting visuals. This is done by creating prominence (making our Logo Lock-Up first in the order), and by creating separation. 

Separation Line 

By using a hairline rule in black, a distinct brand space is created for each entity. Use the Separation Line as specified below for all cobranding. 

Equal But Never Small 

When the communication is from an entity other than American Fidelity, that entity may be first in the order. However, the American Fidelity Logo Lock-Up must never be smaller in appearance. 

Equally Aligned 

Whether in a horizontal or vertical orientation, the entities are to be positioned on the same plane. 

Explore Our Brand

Partner Materials 

Whether you're a valued association, partner, or broker, we want to help equip you with the correct marketing materials. 

Review Partner Materials 

Proper Usage Guidelines

Insurance compliance has a variety of nuances and as such, requires careful consideration. These policies help to explain what American Fidelity marketing materials may be used and in what way. 

Review Proper Usage Guidelines 


Please contact us if you would like to request using brand materials or if you have any questions. 

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