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After-Tax Annuity

Protect your retirement savings with the benefit of a tax-deferred annuity - earning tax-deferred interest until withdrawn. Upon retirement, you can select from either a lifetime income payout or an income paid for a specified number of years.


  • Tax-deferred growth: no current annual taxation on earnings.
  • Competitive interest: our fixed annuity earns a competitive interest rate.
  • Account statements: sent periodically to report current account value.
  • Flexibility: single payments, periodic payments or a combination of both.
  • Convenience: payments can be made by bank draft.
  • Investment options: choose from both fixed and variable annuities.

The information contained on this and other product pages generally highlights the important features of the particular American Fidelity product listed, and does not constitute a statement of contract, nor a complete description of the conditions, benefits, exclusions and other terms of coverage. The product listed and/or all benefits may not be available in all states and coverage is subject to all applicable policy provisions as authorized by the proper state regulatory authorities. For more complete information, please consult the terms of the product policy form approved in your state or contact us. (FPDA and FVA Series)


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