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Supreme Court Upholds the Law

On June 28, the Supreme Court upheld the Health Care Reform law in a 5-4 decision. This ruling removes uncertainty for employers about the law and means that the requirements and provisions are expected to take effect as scheduled.

What Did the Court Say?

Watch a video of an overview on the Supreme Court's decision and employer next steps here.

Read a summary of the Supreme Court's decision here

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What Happens Now?

  • Activity on Exchanges
    By January 1, 2014, states must establish Health Insurance Exchanges to offer private insurance choices to individuals and small employers (generally with 100 or fewer employees). In 2014 and 2015, a state may limit Exchange access to employers with fewer employees, but will have to open the Exchange to employers with up to 100 employees beginning in 2016. Beginning in 2017, it is possible larger employer groups will be able to participate in the Exchanges as well.  If a state chooses not to build an Exchange the Federal government will operate an Exchange in that state.
  • Agencies Continue Publishing Guidance
    Expect federal agencies to continue publishing guidance to implement specific Health Care Reform provisions. Plan sponsors will want to continue monitoring developments in the law as they make implementation plans.
  • Employers Focus on Implementation
    Implementation continues for plan sponsors. A summary of next steps. 

What Does This Mean for Employers?

Now is the time for employers to revisit their compliance strategy.  Immediate focus should be on preparing to comply with the various administrative obligations that take effect over the next few months.  In addition, many employers have already assessed how their plans will be impacted by the new mandates that take effect in 2014 and are designing their strategies for compliance and cost management.  

Let American Fidelity be your guide on Health Care Refrom.  

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Health Care Reform has been and will continue to be complex and in a dynamic state of change. American Fidelity is committed to monitoring the law as it continues to develop and assisting our customers in understanding their responsibilities and choices  For more information, visit or  review our timeline of key provisions and dates that affect employers.


The information provided here is only a brief summary that reflects our current understanding of select provisions of the law, often in the absence of regulations. All interpretations are subject to change as the appropriate agencies publish additional guidance. American Fidelity does not provide legal advice – as such, we suggest that employers and individuals consult with their legal counsel and/or tax advisors about how Health Care Reform may impact them.

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