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403(b) Retirement Plans

A 403(b) tax-deferred annuity is an excellent retirement planning option because employees can choose their type of annuity product (either fixed or variable) and can contribute with pre-tax dollars. Upon retirement, employees may choose from a variety of options, including a lump sum payment, monthly payments for life, or payments for an agreed-upon length of time.

To help with the administrative duties of your 403(b) Plan, our supporting entity, AFPlanServ®, is available throughout the year with trained and dedicated team members standing by to assist you.  AFPlanServ® assists more than 1,100 school districts nationwide with their 403(b) Plan services and has established relationships with more than 70 providers nationwide, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

The information contained on this and other product pages generally highlights the important features of the particular American Fidelity product listed, and does not constitute a statement of contract, nor a complete description of the conditions, benefits, exclusions and other terms of coverage. The product listed and/or all benefits may not be available in all states and coverage is subject to all applicable policy provisions as authorized by the proper state regulatory authorities. For more complete information, please consult the terms of the product policy form approved in your state or contact us. (FPDA and FVA Series)


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